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Global Missions Health Conference 2016

“When I returned to work and with this conference burning in my mind, God provided boldness and the opportunity to offer prayer with my patients.” 

Want to have that kind of experience? The time for the Global Missions Health Conference is upon us! Each year, MCO coordinates housing and carpools down to the conference in Lousville, Kentucky. This conference, November 10-12th can be life changing and a great opportunity to learn about God’s desire to use us and network with other like-minded believers.  Register for the conference and then let us know you’re going so we can start the planning!



Seeing and Serving Muslims Conference

Before you head to the MCO CityWide on Saturday, September 24th, consider checking out this conference, hosted by Interserve, at Liberti Center City.


Dr. Tim Leaman will be speaking on “Renewing and Rebuilding: Visions of Healthy Communities” at a CityWide in conjunction with Jefferson Christian Fellowship. Come join us for dinner and discussion on September 24th at 5pm. We’ll be in room 105/7 in the Bluemle Life Sciences Building (233 South 10th Street). RSVP so we can prepare!

Opening at the Women’s House

Needing housing? Come and live at MCO’s women’s ministry house, The Ohana  (Hawaiian for “home”),  located in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia with other female students.  The house fosters community and discipleship.  Rent is inexpensive, and the house is close to major highways and regional rail and bus lines.  Graduate healthcare students preferred, but others will be considered.  Contact Karen at for more information.

Westminster Theological Seminary Conference on Faith and Medicine

Join Westminster Theological Seminary for a discussion on two prevailing medical issues, in the context of the Christian faith.

Cancer and obesity affect millions of people every year–individuals in our families, communities, and congregations. 

Join us on the evening of September 21, 2016 as two practicing physicians, and Westminster professor, Dr. Vern Poythress interact with these pertinent topics.

Register here.


~Conference Schedule~

AM | 10:30 

     Chapel | Foundations of Science and Medicine: Adam, Solomon, and Christ | Dr. Vern Poythress

PM | 5:30 

     Plenary 1 | Cancer: The Oncologist’s Counsel for the Counselor | Dr. Larry Puls

     Plenary 2 Truth and Science, Obesity and Diabetes | Dr. Randal Baker

     Q&A | A time of question and answer with Dr. Baker, Dr. Puls, and Dr. Poythress

     8:30 PM | Refreshments


~Our Speakers~


Dr. Larry Puls, MD | Dr. Puls serves as Professor and Director of the division of Gynecologic Oncology within the Greenville Cancer Institute in the Greenville University Health System. Dr. Puls is a frequent contributor to Gynecologic Oncology and The Journal of Medical Oncology, among other journal publications. Dr. Puls is married to Mary Ellen and resides in Greenville, South Carolina. He has served on the Board of Trustees at Westminster Theological Seminary since 2002.


Dr. Randal Baker, MD | Dr. Baker serves as an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Michigan State College of Human Medicine and as the President of Grand Health Partners.  He is actively involved in research, holds over twenty patents, and has presented extensively on obesity related research around the world. Dr. Baker serves as a ruling elder at Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He and his wife, Dawn, have nine children and one grandchild.


Dr. Vern Poythress, PhD | Dr. Poythress is professor of New Testament interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary, where he has taught for 40 years. Dr. Poythress has published numerous books and articles on how the Trinity impacts all areas of life. He also serves as the Editor of the Westminster Theological Journal. He and his wife, Diane, live in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

We were blessed by these words, passed along to us by one of our staff team members. Read the quotes below, and check out the link to a local conference at the end – the author of the quotes will be speaking!

Coveting and Comparing

Our vision of another’s relationships is always limited to what we think we see. In truth, the reality of their situation is unknown to us. What we think we see relationally between others can cause all sorts of discontentment to spring up within our hearts. Whether single or married, widowed or divorced, we all see things we desire relationally. Determining God’s love for us (or lack of love) … presupposes that fairness is the best way God can bless His children. If they have something we do not, then God is failing to be good to us. If we have something our neighbor does not, then we feel blessed and special. Instead, God knows that each of His children are individually formed and made… The Lord does not use the same tools on each of His children. His plan is not to make your life just like everyone else’s but to make each individual shine forth His glory as He uses our differences to display the beauty of the body of Christ. Our comparison game keeps us from enjoying other people and robs us of enjoying the work that Christ is doing in our own life.

Pursuing Christ

If we want to find contentment, we must believe that Christ’s pursuit of us and our relationship with Him is the wellspring of all our other relationships…and that the most significant love affair of your life began when you believed in Christ. Our covetous desires for relationship show that our heart has grown cold to our first love.

It is [our] relationship with Jesus that breathes life into all of [our] other relationships

We fan the flame of our belief in Christ by living in daily relationship with Him. We must break from eating the world’s goods if we want to be able to taste the sweetness of fellowship with the Lord. It is important to realize that our initial taste of time with the Lord might not feel as refreshing as watching TV, reading a magazine or chatting with a friend. Similarly, healthy food might not initially taste as good to our tongues, but over weeks and becomes apparent that our bodies work better and we get more enjoyment out of life when we make healthy choices. As a taste for healthy items increases, the appeal of unhealthy things loses its luster. Time with Him will not change your desires in some sort of quick fix. However, over the course of months and years of daily pursuing God, you will see Him change your desires in such a way that your greatest desire becomes to know Him because of the sweet satisfaction and joy found in Him.

Seeking after God begins with careful consideration of the way we spend our time. Most of us fill our spare hours with something: extra work, movies, TV, Facebook, ministry opportunities, friends, exercise or other enjoyments of some sort. None of these items are negative in themselves, but if they come at the expense of time with the Lord, then they have become idols in our lives. Making time to seek after the Lord will take thought and consideration on our part. At different seasons of life, different pulls of the world invade our time with the Lord. Think through your life-what are you spending it on? What is filling up our life in such a way that it makes you sluggish in your pursuit of God?
~Excerpts from The Envy of Eve, by Melissa Kruger

Check out the conference information!

Part-time Physician Needed at Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge is looking for a physician to treat adult males going through detox
Teen Challenge Training Ctr (A Faith based, drug & alcohol treatment center)
33 Teen Challenge Rd
Rehrersburg Pa 19550
* 15-20 hrs per week
* Some on-call hours (does not require on-site response)
* Will supervise and have oversight of nursing staff
* Will facilitate physical examinations
* Experience in addictions/detox environment preferred–not req’d
Please contact:
Joel Jakubowski, Cert-Min, MA, CIP, CADC
Chief Clinical Officer
Teen Challenge Training Center-Rehrersburg
P.O. Box 98
Rehrersburg, PA 19550-0098
“Bringing wholeness to the hopeless”

Perspectives Course Coming this Fall!

This fall, friend of MCO Jake Brown will be helping to lead a unique course on Christian involvement abroad.

Called Perspectives, their website says that “for decades and around the world, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement has drawn everyday people deeper into God’s purpose for the world. People of all ages, walks of life, and backgrounds have come out of the class with an expanded vision of God’s work in the world and a new grasp of their part in it, revitalizing their walk with the Lord and strengthening their faith.”

If you’re interested, please visit their website, where you can sign up.

Outreach at Urban Hope!

On Saturday, April 23rd, join MCO and Urban Hope to provide prayer and medical screenings at Urban Hope’s carnival. Urban Hope is where the Summer Medical Institute takes place, so if you’re an SMI student, come out and get a feel for your summer locale! If you’re interested in what SMI is like, come on out! Or if you just like serving others and being encouraged to maintain a vision for service, please come out. Sign up so we can plan for you to be there, and email Holly with any questions.

Esperanza Health Center Positions Available

Esperanza Health Center does amazing work connecting people in North Philadelphia with  medical, social, and other resources for those without insurance or underinsured. They have several positions available right now! If you or someone you know is looking for a position where you can serve the vulnerable in a Christian context, visit their website and learn more.

Currently they are looking for a human resources director, as well as internal medicine, family medicine, and med/peds physicians.

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